Body Roll Breakthrough

Photo: Sarah Kunst

The best kind of sexy is effortless. It’s about how comfortable you are with yourself and in your own body. Some women are born with it. Some grow into it. For me, the body roll was a gateway.

One of the great things about dance cardio is that whoever you are outside the studio, we’re all equals in formation. I love seeing women of all shapes, sizes and ages feeling themselves and getting into the groove. Some women catch their reflections and have a laugh. Some women get really into it. Some women just take it as a matter of course. Oh, just another body roll and onto the next. I love that everyone has an individual body roll journey.

The Ripple Effect

A body roll loosens us up, softens our bodies. It’s about flow not force. I used to feel awkward body rolling. Like somehow I was pretending to be sexy. But over time, I started to listen to my body instead of the voice in my head that told me I looked silly. Laughter is often the first step to breaking through fear. Looking foolish or like you don’t know what you’re doing is a genuine fear for man. Surrendering to the silly helped me displace fear with laughter. With practice, I stopped laughing and now I just roll with it.

We all have insecurities. How we look when we dance. How we look in a bathing suit. How we look to others. Getting over that self-consciousness has a ripple effect from the studio to the street. Body rolling isn’t an act of bravery. But for me, it’s a small step out of my comfort zone and acknowledgment that I can be a person of substance who gets shit done but is also sexy, playful, fluid and soft. We should all embody the qualities we value.

It’s a mental exercise, but it’s a physical one too that works every inch of you from head to toe. It especially helps open your heart, tightens your core and creates more fluidity in your spine and joints.

I asked regular Get Go contributor and Dancebody founder, Katia Pryce, to breakdown the art of the body roll.

The Breakdown

  1. Feet position: Take a wide stance.
  2. Pick a side, face the floor with a flat back. Think about going under fence.
  3. Look under the fence, lift head up. Follow suit with the rest of the body. Picture a ball rolling down your back. Shift your weight forward–shoulders and chest first, then naval, then hips. Let your body roll, piece by piece.
  4. Once you’re through the fence, bring the hips back, sitting on the back leg.

“In the beginning, it might feel a little mechanical,” she says. “But first, build the machine, get the mechanics down. Then put the oil in. Soon your roll will be seamless and sexy.”

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