Simplify Your Wardrobe, Simplify Your Life

Photo: Sarah Kunst

This past year I’ve been simplifying my life: from my professional goals to my personal style. It’s all related. Last weekend I celebrated a birthday and a milestone college reunion, a double-header that would’ve normally sent me into a tizzy of shopping. What would make me feel complete, like a success, marching into my next year and my reunion? It’s a natural time to take stock of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. Am I happy? Am I satisfied? What do I wear? The existential and essential.

A few weeks before reunion, my college girl gang group text started buzzing. What’s our vision? One year I had T-shirts specially made by a graffiti artist in East L.A. who spray-painted our nicknames on our shirts. Other years were more individual. Another year I wore fluorescent orange Louboutins, a nod to my Princeton orange-and-black roots and my fashion magazine present. They were a hit, though I had to be driven back to my hotel by campus security because I was so hobbled by their height. Most years involved a last minute buy-out of everything orange on Net-a-Porter.

Get Go Your Wardrobe

But since started a new business, my head has been too full of my Get Go vision to have room for a reunions vision. While the group text volleyed back and forth, I was writing posts, editing photos, making plans for a future that hadn’t quite yet come into focus. I didn’t have any time to think about impressing people from my past.

I didn’t buy any new clothes for reunions. A first. Dressing for an occasion has always been a challenge I’ve loved. I like getting things right. My reunions outfits have always been a point of satisfaction for me. But this year, I found a different kind of satisfaction: everything I needed or even wanted, I already owned. I didn’t need anything extra to feel complete or successful. It’s about more than the outfit. It’s about realizing you have more than you know. It’s a knowledge that comes with time, experience and age, things we should welcome more than fear.

I had finally overcome the closet full of clothes and nothing to wear conundrum that’s plagued women since the dawn of closets.

When shopping your closet or looking for key pieces, here’s the foolproof formula:

  1. Simplicity of design.
  2. Comfortable to wear.
  3. Flattering in fit.

For reunions, I stuck with tried and true basics: clothes that were light and fun. I didn’t want any extra flourishes to slow me down or otherwise constrain or distract from the main event, catching up with old friends who I’d known since I was 18, the get-go of our adulthood.

Anything worth building, starts from a good foundation. That’s how the Get Go idea was born. I wanted to start from a happy place every day. The same goes for a wardrobe.

Here are a few picks that won’t let you down, clothes so good you won’t want to buy new ones…!