Sexy, Comfy, Cool: It’s Party Time!

Photo: Sally Griffiths

Sexy, comfy, cool is my style mantra. It’s especially applicable during marathon holiday party season. There was a time when I juice cleansed and deprived myself pre-holiday to look my best in my party dresses. I worked so hard to look good. But I’ve learned over the years that I’m happiest–and therefore prettiest and most charming–in clothes that complement without distracting.

At a party, I don’t want to focus on my outfit, I want to focus on having fun! When I’m extra conscious of my breathing because I’m zipped up into a body-con dress with no give or too-tight Spanx, or I’m too cold or hot because of concessions to my “lewk,” it takes away from the joy of the moment. Sometimes the sacrifice is worth it, but more often than not I want to look and feel good from the beginning of my night until the end. I hate having to end a night because I can’t bear to spend one more minute in an uncomfortable outfit.

This season, I’ve found slipping into a silky dress and throwing on a soft sweater or well-tailored jacket keeps me happy and chic throughout the night. Sometimes the best part of the evening is after-hours, when the guests have left, or I’ve come home and can have a nightcap by myself or with the one I’m with and replay the fun of the evening. The feeling of one last glass of wine, maybe a leftover dessert, shoes off, legs tucked under, my dress forgiving and effortless. That’s the look of my most contented self.

Here’s a foolproof sexy, comfy, cool formula…