Summer of Sculpt: Moves to Wake Up Your Body

Photo: Sarah Kunst

When I’m in a slump, I really need to move my body. It’s the one thing that pretty much always boosts my mood and my energy. This past week was full of Get Go developments and forward motion (exciting!) but also tragic turns in current events, the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I wrote on my personal Instagram, tributes to both of them. They both were so influential in my career, my personal style and my palette. They contributed to the person I am today.

The news of their deaths, particularly Kate’s–she lived across the street from me and I realized that I had hailed a taxi in front of an ambulance meant for her in the morning–shook me. It unsettled me more than I imagined. I couldn’t quite focus. Kate felt very close to home. Her little black bag occupying such a pivotal moment in my own young adulthood. It made me think about own brush with depression in my college years. That little black bag actually accompanied me to my first visit to a therapist when I was a junior. I thought about my own family history and the daily struggle of people I love.

This weekend, I needed to shake it all off. So I hit Dancebody’s Sculpt class on Saturday and Sunday to sweat it out. The surging music, the repetitive motion, the intense sweat, the burn in my muscles, the soreness the day after. It made me so grateful to move, feel strong and push through something. It made me feel alive.

Here, a few moves from trainer Katia Pryce to wake up your body and feel the burn.



With arms outstretched, create opposition by pulling the body towards one direction, reaching as far as you can. Tap with palm facing down to that side. Reach, tap and repeat at a fast pace one side only for 8x. Repeat on opposite side. Do for duration of one song with a fast tempo. Works arms, obliques and back.



Stand feet together. Raise one arm in a 90 degree angle. Alternate arms in blade form at a rapid pace while keeping shoulders down. Repeat for two of your favorite songs. Easy peasy. Work your arms, back, shoulders, even abs by keeping them contracted.


With arms outstretched in a diagonal, left arm up, right arm down. Bring your left elbow to your left knee, twisting slightly in front of body. Right knee twists inwards. Left elbow curves inside with an inverted bend. Raise right arm palm up, while lowering your left knee. Pull left elbow towards body without touching. It creates a natural contraction in the abs. Alternate side. 20x each side.

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