Multitaskin’ and Sheetmaskin’

Photo: Sarah Kunst

My latest obsession: Korean beauty sheet masks. You’ve heard the expression Asian don’t raisin? There’s a reason why people can’t tell how old Asian women are. We take skincare and anti-aging very seriously. Indoctrinated by our mothers, grandmothers, and aunties since an early age, we shun the sun and embrace visors. We use umbrellas as parasols with zero self-consciousness. We love our products. And we swear by the ones that work.

Whatever your skin type or concern, there’s a mask for that. I’m addicted. I keep a stash from Peach & Lily at home at all times and haven’t looked back since my first sheet mask last summer. Why would I? I’m too mesmerized in the mirror by my radiant skin.

There are few sure things in life—but I know my skin always looks better 20 minutes after I put on a sheetmask than it had 20 minutes before. My sheet mask time has become a unit of measure, enough time to…

Morning Multitask:

  • Meditate—it’s the perfect time slot.
  • Sip a cup of coffee, read the headlines and get through a couple newsletters. (TheSkimm and BoF always, Marlien Reentmeester’s Le Catch for easy-peasy shopping eye candy).
  • Put in some solid email time or take a phone call.

Evening Multitask:

  • Pair with an adult beverage—Ramona if I’m pre-gaming, a glass of wine if I’m unwinding. I can listen to a podcast (Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project or a book on Audible, right now, Nell Scovell’s Just the Funny Parts).
  • Lie down and close my eyes. Heaven. I never feel guilty, because it’s not for very long, just enough time for a sheet mask!

The sheet mask is a time magician. It creates a space that can be both productive and relaxing, a span of minutes that can feel long or short depending on what you want out of your session. My weekly sheet mask ritual has become something I look forward to. The best part is that I never have to miss it, even when I’m traveling because they are perfect for hydrating on flights and slip so easily into your bag.

Affordable, portable, effective? Sheet masks #FTW.

Here are my faves…