Feel-Good Fashion: Cozy Jackets + Pretty Dresses

Photo: Sally Griffiths

I dress how I want to feel and exist in the world. These days cozy, comfortable, relaxed, feminine, pretty much sums up my style. After years of dressing the part of the magazine editor, I’ve begun to hearken back to a former version of myself. Someone more care-free, softer, less label-driven, more what-feels-like-me-driven. I’ve even resurrected the Levi’s Trucker jacket from my SoCal high school days, but with a bit more polish. It’s like I’ve been able to reintegrate the good parts of my younger self into my life and wardrobe today.

For those of us who think about getting older with some anxiety at times, it’s a breakthrough to tap into a timeless style that captures the optimism and energy of youth but still serves who we are now.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or a present for someone else, these pieces deliver on the gift of feeling good, pulled together, and up for anything.