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A good laugh and a long sleep are the two
best cures for anything.

  • wellness

    The Hypnosis Prognosis

    When I think of hypnosis, it conjures up gypsies, magicians, and Catherine Keener in the movie, Get Out. Hypnosis is one of the only “wellness” rituals I have yet to ...

  • wellness

    The Truth About “Happy Weight”

    You know that expression, your “happy weight?” For years, those words could not co-exist peacefully for me—it was always a fight. I fought to keep my weight at a certain ...

  • wellness

    For Bosses Who Need A Break!

    Are you ready to start something up with me? I’m Joyce Chang, a recovering overachiever, daughter of a Tiger Mom and former editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine. From the Get Go ...