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Simplicity makes anything possible.

  • style

    Feel-Good Fashion: Cozy Jackets + Pretty Dresses

    I dress how I want to feel and exist in the world. These days cozy, comfortable, relaxed, feminine, pretty much sums up my style. After years of dressing the part ...

  • style

    Sexy, Comfy, Cool: It’s Party Time!

    Sexy, comfy, cool is my style mantra. It’s especially applicable during marathon holiday party season. There was a time when I juice cleansed and deprived myself pre-holiday to look my ...

  • style

    Instant Glam: The Season of the Statement Earring

    There’s no quicker mood-booster, outfit game-changer, instant glam-maker like a dramatic earring. Like a bow on top of a present or an ornament on the tree, they’re the perfect finishing ...

  • style

    Cozy Sweaters To Live In (and Give!)

    I’m a sweater person. It’s the only article of clothing than can feel like a hug. Pulling on a sweater immediately makes me feel good: the softness against my skin, ...

  • style

    Simplify Your Wardrobe, Simplify Your Life

    This past year I’ve been simplifying my life: from my professional goals to my personal style. It’s all related. Last weekend I celebrated a birthday and a milestone college reunion, ...

  • style

    The Magic Bathing Suit

    First things first, here’s a deal that everyone reading this will love! This bathing suit I’m wearing is crazy flattering and appropriate for any situation and every age. It’s on ...

  • style

    Cute Sweats to Chill Out (And Workout!)

    Rolling into graduation and reunion season makes me nostalgic for my college days. I’ve had experiences I’ve had experiences and a career that have way exceeded my childhood fantasies and ...

  • style

    Comfy Sexy Cool

    ComfySexyCool is my style motto. I adapted it from TLC’s CrazySexyCool but it’s less crazy eye-patches and more about sweatshirt style. Having spent a career working at fashion magazines, I’ve ...

  • style

    All About the Base (Layer)

    I’m an East Coast-West Coast hybrid. Half NYC, half Cali. My personal style reflects that. I like being that way. I’m not one thing or the other. Preppy but bohemian. ...