Butt Seriously! Get Your Best Booty

Photo: Sarah Kunst

Even though I can’t see my own butt without craning around in a full length mirror, I’m pretty butt-obsessed. I have my mother’s eyes and her butt. It’s not just a Mom butt, it’s an Asian Mom butt. The flattest kind of all. So to defy both gravity and genetics, I really have to focus and put in the effort.

I’ve always been a hard worker so it seems apt that I work my tail off to get my backside in shape. A shaman once told me my spirit animal was a beaver. A beaver’s greatest strength is its tail, she said. With its tail, it builds dams and changes the course of rivers. My greatest strength, like the beaver’s, was that which I could not see, what was behind me.

I wish I had a more glamorous spirit animal. But I like to think of the power that resides in the humble, hard-working beaver. Strength in hard work. Strength in humbleness. Strength in that which we can’t always see but is always behind us.

One of the reasons why Katia Pryce, the creator of DanceBody, and I have worked out together so long is we both believe in the steady hustle. We both work hard at being good at what we do in life. We carry that same commitment into the studio. We stay true to it, even when the going is tough. The other reason I workout with Katia is because she has the best booty in the business!

Here, the butt-lift that’s actually a total body workout. Practice enough and it can alter gravity, change the course of genetics and give you power that you can’t quite see but know is there.


Start on all fours. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Push into a plank with shoulders over wrists.

Cross the right leg under the body, tapping the floor on the other side. Feel the twist in your obliques. Keep your arms, abs and legs activated and strong.

Use abs to the pull the right knee back across the body. Kicking upwards, straighten the leg to a 45 degree angle from the body, while dropping the left knee to the floor. That’s one. Work up to 16 per side.

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