All About the Base (Layer)

Photo: Rebecca Greenfield

I’m an East Coast-West Coast hybrid. Half NYC, half Cali. My personal style reflects that. I like being that way. I’m not one thing or the other. Preppy but bohemian. Chic but beachy. Pretty but sexy. Powerful but relaxed. Strong but soft. So I like to layer my outfits to try and capture those aspects of my character.

One of my favorite approaches is pairing something sporty with something a little fancy. Recently my friend and super stylist, Aya Kanai, Chief Fashion Director at Hearst, stopped by my house and upped the ante. “Try this,” she said, pulling a cold-shoulder knit that I toss on as a workout long-sleeve from my drawer.

Gamechanger. It’s my favorite new layering piece. Sexy, sporty, functional. It adds a touch of cool to a feminine sundress dress. It gives you one more layer against the blast of arctic A/C. It covers up summer styles and makes them office-OK. I’ve written about my love for multitasking, fashion included. Now I’ve doubled the wear out of both my top and my dress in one genius step. If you’re not into the cold-shoulder, a fine-gauge knit or thin tank or tee will also do the trick. Add a soft carryall, pretty, earrings, cute boots or sandals and you’re good to go anywhere.

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