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Hi, I’m Joyce! I’m building a happiness start-up.

I’ve spent my entire career as a journalist covering what women want. As the former editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine, my focus was health, wellness and motivation. At Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The New York Times MagazineAllure, People and Lucky–I covered fashion, beauty and amazing women changing the world. But sometimes with success there comes a price. A pressure that’s even more internal than external to have all the answers. The Get Go is a restart and an experiment. More questions, less answers. Less SELF, more my self!

I live in NYC with a side of Los Angeles. I’m a first generation Asian-American. As an ABC (American Born Chinese), my childhood hobby was getting into college. I went to Princeton for undergrad, Columbia Journalism School for my master’s. But learning to give myself a break was the hardest lesson to learn–I’m still learning!



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